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    Shut Up Pups

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    Carroll County got spared the brunt of the storm for now with Baltimore taking the biggest hit. I'm off today so it can snow it's butt off and I wouldn't care so long as the ice storm passes while my wife is at work.
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    Shut Up Pups

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    I had to give a kudo to a fellow person from Maryland. I was a Baltimore City lad until I moved out to greener pastures. I'll give a real response to your short film posted on the chit chat board.
    Take care and I'll make a Witty Comic about you soon since they have a female monkey avatar there.


    Reply from monkeysontoast:

    Yeay, Maryland! Enjoying the snow? lol Not I. HarCO always gets hit when the snow comes around. =(
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    Hey megster - you're the best! Without you none of this would be possible. You do a great job, and I'm honored to partner with you on the site.

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